Full Design and Consulting Services

We provide space design that is conceptually new and innovative including satisfying owner’s expectations. With our advanced technology, expertise and experience as design builders, we create space that is fully functional, economical and flexible for future changes and expansions.

Our Design and Consulting Services include the followings:-

  1. Preliminary Service
    • Site selection consultation
    • Site evaluation
    • Professional consultation
    • Land use studies
    • Mixed-use and urban development planning
    • Research and systems development
    • Renovation consultation
    • Feasibility studies
  2. Concept and Schematic Design
    • Analyzing requirements
    • Site analysis
    • Schematic planning and design
    • Master planning
    • Legal assistance
    • Project scheduling
  3. Design Development
    • Detailed design in accordance with Client’s requirements
    • Submission and obtaining Government / Authorities approvals and permits
    • Preliminary cost estimates
  4. Construction Document
    • Completing all contract drawings for building permit application
    • Budgetary analysis
    • Cost control
    • Preparing project contract and specification
    • Project scheduling
  5. Supervision
    • Clarifying all drawings requirements with construction department
    • Checking and approving construction shop drawings
    • Construction supervision and coordination
  6. Maintenance
    • Building and equipment renovation consultation and planning
    • Building extension consultation and planning